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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Justice Thomas supposedly suggest that there will be no retirements

According to this morning, which is quoting the Fulton County Daily Report (Georgia), Justice Thomas made suggestions that there will be no upcoming Court retirements. Thomas was speaking at the swearing in ceremony of the new Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. According to the report
Thomas noted that his court ended its term on Monday as "winds of controversy swirled about the Court's decisions and, unfortunately, about the imagined resignations."
Hard to really give a lot of meaning to that. Seems like he's more frustrated about the controversy and says "imagined resignations" as an attempt to dispel it, not as a way to disclose any information. If anything, I could see him erring on the side of saying imagined so that he doesn't get in trouble by disclosing something he shouldn't. But who knows.


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