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Monday, June 20, 2005

Welcome to my blawg

My name's Andrew Winters and I'm an assistant appellate defender. I started working with the New Hampshire Publice Dender in 1999, and worked for five years as a trial lawyer out of the Concord office. This past September I started a two-year rotation in the Appellate Defender office, which is also out of Concord, but which covers appeals across the state. I never realized just how much I had to learn about the law! It's been rejuvenating though, to get a new perspective on things.

My experience is in the area of criminal law, but I also have an interest in all practice areas I realized this when I caught myself reading civil cases for no particular reason other than that they just came out. I especially like the legal malpractice and ethical complaint cases for some reason.

Through this "blawg" I hope to cover topics of interest to the New Hampshire legal community. Sometimes I tend to wander into other topics -- like politics, national news, even history and philosophy. My goal is to keep those to a pleasant minimum with this particular outlet.

The goal of this blawg is to be useful to people who practice, or care about, law in New Hampshire, in all areas. While I know most about criminal law, I will try to cover all practice areas. If you know more about a topic than me (or think you do) feel free to e-mail me a comment, which I will post if I want. Or better yet, start your own blawg, and I'll make sure to link to you (unless you're totally crazy).

The opinions expressed in this blawg are solely my own, and do not represent those of my employers in any way, other than coincidentally. In fact, nobody even knows about this blawg but me.

Nothing in this blawg should be construed as legal advice.


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