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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Editorial from the author: high gas prices are good in the long run

Here's an blurb in NH Insider about, despite rising gas prices, people are traveling in high numbers this 4th of July weekend. In a truly free market, gas prices should be higher to assess the damage that burning oil does to the environment and health of other people. This would have the affect of discouraging people from using gas, and encouraging them to use alternative energy sources, or simply use energy more efficiently.

I am an eternal optimist. In the long-run, we will run out of oil, but there's no particular reason why we must be dependent on oil. For one thing, with computers we truly need to travel a lot less.

[The irony might be that the Orwellian big brother scenario actually is a utopia not, a police state. With computers, which should become increasingly cheap, all barriers are broken, information is immediately accessible, cooperation is more efficient. Hopefully, this will mean that it will be increasingly difficult to horde power. I will post my case for optimism in the future]


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