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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Illegal immigrants being prosecuted for trespassing in small-town southern New Hampshire

A series of arrests in the towns of New Ipswich and Hudson have gathered some national medial attention (N.Y. Times article here - you must subscribe for free). Local police officers, upset that INS will not arrest illegal immigrants in the community, arrested them for trespassing.

I have a general opposition to immigration control unless an individual seeking to enter can be shown to be dangerous. My opinion is that, contrary to popular belief, immigrants produce more for the economy than they take from it, and don't commit crimes disproportionately. Therefore, they are generally a benefit. Overcrowding is not an issue in this country. As evidence, just look at which area has a higher standard of living -- a densely populated state like New Jersey or Rhode Island, or a sparsely populated one like Wyoming or Alaska? The answer is of course the densely populated states, because the more people working in close proximity the more efficiently each individual can produce economic value. Rural America is the ground of many future New York cities, and this is a good thing, trust me.

Immigration is one of Bill O'Reilly's pet issues and it makes me laugh every time he talks about it on his show because he has no idea what he's talking about. What it is is the fear of the other. He uses statistics in a misleading way to provoke fear in his audience.

In fact, tight immigration control is a wasted of resources and a serious drain on our economy.


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