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Monday, July 11, 2005


One thing that I have to say has been bothering me is that I can't get this piece of hardware that I bought, that supposedly will allow me to watch cable television through my computer monitor in a window, to work. The funny thing about it is is that I don't even like TV all that much. It just seems so cool to not have to two screens in the same room just to watch TV and use the computer at the same time. What's the point? Ockham's Razor (alt. spelling Occam's Razor).

Anyway, another thing I'd like to see, along the same lines, is house and car keys that could attach to your telephone/ipod. Why not, right? They can do it at hotel rooms, which are usually in much worse neighborhoods than your house. And cars I'm sure they could do it. Of course the cars and locksmiths would have to cooperate but why wouldn't they. I wonder how hard that would be to set up.

Then all you'd have to do is carry one device around with you that would just be a very small computer designed to do exactly the stuff you like -- talk on the phone, listen to music, e-mail, view the web. It would just be slower with break-ups in service, etc., the same stuff people used to deal with a lot more often before DSL.

In any event, I wanna be the first person to carry one of those things. Then the next step would just be adding a credit card onto there and not carrying any money either. Then, of course, if you lost the thing you're screwed.


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